The intricacies of dealing with an Ex Factor!

It’s one of those days that you wake up just remembering of the good old past…and the incidences that you have had with your Ex factor……and then you are supposed to meet her for lunch………

I have been previously told not to put myself in such awkward positions before……but this time it just happened that I was free the whole day. An attempt to see me the previous week was futile as I was in exam mode ……and I couldn’t care less… this Wednesday am supposed to meet Oedipus at 1300hrs. since I stopped making impressions (which I never used to in the first place), i decide to let her decide where we were meeting……..the answer I got almost blocked me like an obstacle……. ‘I am not familiar with such trends’ is the answer I got……so i presumed in my head…..a fly tramp that’s what she called me ’cause i dont wear no Stetson hat’s like Paul C as y’all see I become a man enough and decide that we meet at the Posta (Eastleigh stage) Kind of a turn off….but who really cares……..

That meeting actually started a few minutes past Mid-day…..courtesy of the thirst we had for each other and also for purposes of comparing notes to see whether it’s true that the other side of the fence has actually got greener grass.

Funny it is that we dint hug at first instance……which I understood…..because I was dealing with a married woman….the ring manifest it all and you don’t want to open a can of warms in broad daylight now do you? The joint I took her was middle class and there were no drinks for that matter; I also got to learn that she was dieting……which is the in thing nowadays with people of Nairobi. All along am observing the mannerisms of this lady that I once reminisced ‘used to love her’ as my favorite track and the way she had grown to be the strong woman she has become…during conversations you get carried away…….the snap! Back to reality.

The truth was that I had never actually had a meeting one on one since she got married and I was rather disappointed with the way it was carried out………the whole thing turned out to be awesome at the end….. Oedipus narrated to me very chilling details of how hard life had become……..this new marriage life and how there were many uncharacteristic influences from the mother in law so to say… is hard! But you got to be a harder nut to crack……….

That lunch meeting ended up taking the whole afternoon, engaging her in an intellectual conversation was a win! That made sure that the whole afternoon was not wasted……stories never end……and I guess we will have to build another day!

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