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I want to narrate in a few lines what happened owing to the failure of my mother board at the technicians place.
I Have myself a trusted techie that has dealt with my machine for yonks….the trouble is that if you deal with a client for a long time, you tend to loose the urgency that is meeting the customer’s need.
The first time i go to Maxtor Ltd, The owner is very happy to see me.Tells me i have been lost for a while…maybe to paraphrase is to say “you have not paid me in a while”

What i thought was a thing that would last me a few hours turned out to be a very long two weeks.

Initial diagnosis….because the machine was sick…showed that my Mother board was faulty. I had two options, first take it to someone for repair-This would have cost me 5 reds and would not be the long term solution.
Secondly, acquire a new board preferably a branded board.

The latter option was not the easiest choice for me, but looking at other things and holding other’s constant; it had to be done.
Some funny mathematics was done right infront of my nose…and that was it!

Intel, Ddr3 slots, core 2 dual, are some of the specs though i know they wont last for long with the advent of dynamic technology.

The worst thing i did was to pay a deposit to a man that dint have my best interests at heart…the delay was equivalent to “40 acres and a mule”

Thing is, Maxtor computers had stayed for a long time without assembling. By now all gamer’s who assemble should have known that dealers prefer selling complete machines rather than pierce motherboards with screwdrivers when assembling. He never seemed to be in a hurry this gentleman.

*Note to self* Never pay a lumpsome again for a service.

Even if some ask’s for payment prior, only to be  poor performers…from now on, i will sample the service and pay later.
Signing out,


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This a day i will not forget any time soon owing to the fact i did loose my beloved machine because of mother board failure!
It is essential to have an U.P.S- Uninteruptible Power Supply and thats just about it!

I want to be liberal and not blame it on KPLC because they take the majority of the blame anytime equipment become’s fried.

Being at home lately, meant that i have been so much on the machine’s case, and i want to say given the situation… i would have handled it just the same.
I am of the opinion that every man deserves to invest in a good machine….which is why when my clone motherboard decided to begin pmsing…..i knew that it was about time i did something about it.

The prices am getting are not as friendly as i thought and i gather that matters technology are better handled the Ebay way owing to the fact that you get better deal’s there.
*Note to self* : Do some research before upgrading*

It has been a long way coming and surely my machine had it coming all along! I wondered how exactly i could not figure a day would come when i would say byebye to Asrock. You were like a chick that gives you the companion then leaves you when you need her the most!

I can vouch that you were not a prostitute, apart from the few times malfunctional flashdisks were inserted in your 2.0 slot. Am really apologetic for the harsh times….I did you the favour of inserting one Orange modem and never removing it, i guess you got used to it.

I sure hope that you will not judge me harshly nor take me to FIDA like one Philip Moi was.

I still need you in my life, we can still mend the fences…which is why am going to have you get a new board…. to get rocked for the extra mile.
Yours faithfully,
your husdand.
I sign out.

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