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Practical love

That when you see one another, you should see the love of God. You were made in his own image resonates very well with this.
Artists and poets-eg in books like Romeo and Juliet have tried to explain this four letter word-Love.


In music so much has been composed about loving and being loved, i could write a book. Mary the mother of Jesus as depicted in pictures in the West….seemed to have so much love.

Love is mystic Prov 30:18-30
God is important in a love relationship…thats the beauty of creation….
God is love..his love is unconditional.
Loving God means u become more like him.
You cannot say you love your brother if you have not first loved him who died on the cross and his father whom you have never seen.
Chastity is important and moderation is key withholding  yourselves while in a relationship shows you love for one another. Do not pair up too early if you are not strong enough to handle the temptation. Our Lord’s prayer states…”lead us not to temptation, but deliver us from sin” It becomes a sin when the wrong thing is repeated over and over…damages your conscience.


In  he book “The four loves” by C.S Lewis he identifies the four types of love as the
The Greeks i.e Affection> goodwill, fond feeling, Eros>romantic love, Filial>friendship, Agape>Love of God.

Plato considered Eros as a poetic rapture i.e of opposite sex. Its in contrast to lust. With lust you become left empty.
As in physics unlike terms attract, that’s just the laws of the galaxies. Water and oil dont mix.
Filial- It has conditions. you give and expect.
Agape Gal 5:21 gives and doesnt expect. Its true….
As recorded in the book of Song of songs..if a man tried to buy love, his offer would be utterly scorned.


In 1 Cor 4:13 Paul tries to describe agape. And God first loved us…thus we reciprocate.
Five love languages.
>Words of affirmation e.g Sorry, Thank you, Welcome
>Giving gifts.
>Acts of service
>Spending quality time
>Physical touch-A hand is not to be extended to hanging on someone hehe! or in other words extended hugging that ends with the hands gently sliding the back.

Excerpts from todays Preacher: Sospeter.


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