Damnation, American style: How American preachers reinvented hell

Fire and brimstone survived the Enlightenment and prospered at the dawn of the American republic — but why?

Source: www.salon.com

On this one allow me to quote Randy Alcorn… "For the first ten years I knew Christ I was mostly Arminian, and now I’m mostly Calvinist. But I understand both theologies, and I don’t appreciate the way I often see both of them misrepresented. My approach is very respectful of opposing viewpoints. I quote directly from people with different perspectives rather than summarizing their viewpoint to make it a straw man that’s easily torched or dismantled. I try to fairly represent all positions, and show how each can be supported by some Scripture. I explain the need to bring all Scripture to the table, and to embrace paradox rather than rejecting one position in favor of another. My hope is that both Calvinists and Arminians (as well as those who don’t know what the terms mean or which they are) will be stretched to see what Scripture really says."

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