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A Double Tragedy In Two Consecutive Days.

I have never ever thought even for a tenth of a second that i would ever be solemn for two days in a row..and indeed it was a rough patch i was going through in the last few days. People cannot all be the same and that’s why we have different breaking points…just because a man does not cry doesn’t mean he ain’t hurting. I was glad to have met a man who was wailing at the morgue at which point in time people were viewing the body. To me, that showed the true love that man for his wife- and even more painful having been left with a small kid that was still suckling.
Flashback- am leaving home at around 9am to carry on with the main activity of the day which is to ‘plant a seed’ Monica h must have dealt a very big blow to the Maina’s family; bearing in mind we just buried another brother (Simon Njoroge)  of that family just last year in September. Now that she was married to a Mr. Njuguna, the Kikuyu culture has it that the place of rest be determined by the husband’s side. I alight at the medical stage and proceed on in the general direction of the North Cemetery..on my way there i call Njeri to tell me where they are exactly, luckily am spotted by Maggie from behind. Up to this moment i have not figured out how she figured me out from behind…as we walk she confides in me that she’s not been feeling well.. Something about the chest..which i came to later find out it was not..on an euphemism tip .. and i go ahead and tell her to seek medical attention. On our way there, she also tells me she came across a lady of unsound mind that she had related with a few month’s before…the gist of the story is that she a lady in the streets and must have met ‘Mr. Rob me my money and i put you in a spell’
A very sad tale indeed Maggie seemed to have been shaken that incident.
We arrive at the P.G.H Mortuary to find everyone waiting. I hug my one and only, who seemed devastated but somehow still managed to be strong. Where they sat, she was in the company of two of the be-left children…sited in coy. I somehow managed to notice a foul smell emanating from the mortuary juxtapose…
Back to main story..after the viewing of the body it was time to head to the cemetery where the service was to be held. This is the same place i was a day before to lay to rest my cousin. They always come in threes don’t they?

I did some photo’s during that event though i am probably of the opinion that photo’s should not be done on such days. Mr sun was scorching and i wondered if i could talk to him- being one of my favorite stars to pause for a little bit…

A nice sermon was preached by that pastor from the  A.I.C church and he talked lengthily about the impact of A.I.D.S and H.I.V and said that most of the people who lay there at the cemetery were as a result of being ravaged by that disease…..quite odd considering we were at a burial…. and had buried a cousin the previous day (Mama Ciru) who had succumbed to that very disease don’t you think?

Then after the preaching we head to the 6 feet deep place of rest.. it was kinda interesting how the whole event was orchestrated….the ones who carried the body went singing (Ladies in white attire) saying that when she reaches heaven she will be well received and that we were all in the same journey….

Anne managed to be strong through the whole process…quite a strong lady i have right there…though she seems detached when am close to her family…or maybe not.

There was an event that transpired when laying Monicah to rest, Njoki started screaming and fainted in the process….it was really scary….and she had to be taken to the PGH…where i noticed that so much had improved (int he hospital)…later she became well……also managed to go back to Nairobi the same day and missed my evening class…but it was for a good cause……


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