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I am often amazed at how you can decide to lie in broad daylight….and in front of a congregation in church. No matter where you come from you cannot just decide to embellish us with your lies on a chilly Sunday morning.

The reason I say this is because there is this lady in church who was asked to tell us her achievements and she went on listing more than ten (as far as I could count) achievements she has accomplished, albeit in Uasin Gishu and in Nairobi simultaneously.

How could it be that you are an undergraduate student and you are a part time lecturer at the same university? Enlisted in the achievements was something like a student leader…….holding other factors constant, a person in the same university confided in me that it would not have by-passed her to notice a student leader and that she was not one of them! The pastor had to stop her from enlisting all achievements because they were just too many. Honesty is still the best policy and it should be known to all and sundry that the truth out lives a lie.

Today it seems there are fewer policy holders than there used to be……’Truth exists; only falsehood has to be invented’- George Braque. Truth will rise above false hood as oil above water. The lady I am talking about was the only one referring to a paper of all the achievements she has attained…..the rest had it in their heads; you don’t have to remember if it is the truth. White lies leave black marks on your reputation. You can’t stretch the truth without making your story look pretty thin, and when you stretch the truth it snaps back at you.

Two half truths don’t make a whole truth. It is dangerous to get used to substitute the truth for something else the go ahead and say you are saved in the blood of Jesus Christ….it wrong! You make me think It’s a bunch of pretender willies that go to church.

An honest person alters his ideas to fit the truth; a dishonest person alters the truth to fit his ideas. Truly there is no power on earth more overpowering than the truth. Speak the truth and it will set you free!



Random thoughts..

Could it be me or is anyone faced with moments like you feel you would slap yourself to go back to #asyouwere as a result of the brain that can suddenly lift you to places you only dream of…snap back to reality!
There she is on the opposite side of the road waiting for her prince to i am…coming in your direction…
A bright sunny day awakens and you get to work albeit late..and as if to make it look like we spent the night together you don’t say hello; i don’t know whether am the only one who takes offense in a snobish individual..i really detest such behavior. A person who angers you conquers you- that is the plain truth and there is no other way to put it. Being the kind of person who does not like confrontation, i keep quiet and simmer inside..which tears me apart….but the moment i lay it down in this form( writing) i feel a whole lot being baptized and being born again.
I have never been perfect, and that’s why i always profusely apologize if someone believes i have wronged, it doesn’t go on to say that because i have apologized i don’t have an opinion about you, i guess its just the hearts of men…its said its like a forest and you never get to know really whats in there..could be a porcupine in that forest- that when cornered shoots straight arrows in every direction. Figuratively the forest inside the heart’s of men (me included) could have a mongoose a creature that can really fart a stench like no other…#justsaying
Important lesson to learn, always treat the other person kinder because he might be undergoing a rougher patch than you.


The comet’s core, or nucleus, was a conglomeration of frozen water, carbon monoxide, methane gas, and jagged blocks of metallic rocks. It might accurately be described as a dirty snowball hurled through space by the hand of God. But as it whirled past the sun and swung around on its return path beyond the outer reaches of the solar system, the solar radiation reacted with its nucleus and a metamorphosis took place. The ugly duckling soon became a thing of beauty.

As it began to absorb the sun’s heat and ultraviolet light, a long comma formed that slowly grew into an enormous luminous blue tail that curved and stretched out behind the nucleus for a distance of 90 million miles. A shorter, white dust tail more than one million miles wide also materialized and curled out on the sides of the larger tail like the fins of a fish.

Each time the comet passed the sun, it lost more of its ice and its nucleus diminished. Eventually, in another 200 million years, it would lose all its ice and break up into a cloud of dust and become a series of small meteorites. This comet, however, would never orbit outside the solar system or pass around the sun again. It would not be allowed a slow, cold death far out in the blackness of space. Within a few short minutes, its life would be snuffed out. But on this, its latest orbit, the comet passed within 900,000 miles of Jupiter, whose great gravitational force veered it off on a collision course with the third planet from the sun, a planet its inhabitants called Earth.

Plunging into Earth’s atmosphere at 130,000 miles an hour on a forty-five-degree angle, its speed ever-increasing with the gravitational pull, the comet created a brilliant luminescent bow shock as its ten-mile-wide, four-billion-ton mass began to break into fragments due to friction from its great speed. Seven seconds later, the misshapen comet, having become a blinding fireball, smashed onto Earth’s surface with horrendous effect. The immediate result from the explosive release of kinetic energy upon impact was to gouge out a massive cavity twice the size of the island of Hawaii as it vaporized and displaced a gigantic volume of water and soil.

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I am always of the opinion that relationships are built on trust….and that anytime you have “one of those feelings” then something must be very wrong some where.

There is now under any circumstance anyone for whatever reason will act or pretend to be cleverer in a relationship and the moment that happen it leaves asour taste in our mouths. Just because I have it doesn’t mean I cant leave it…..just because I give you my trust it don’t mean it cant be broken…..all I ask is to check what time it is and recognize.

How could it be that I always find myself on the receiving end every now and then? Maybe am so nice a guy that I don’t get to get adventurous, now I might have to change for the better…..need to up my game it seems… must be so rusty…..

Acting dumb and observing from a distance is so nice……because you get to see in H.D and there ain’t no lying about it! Maybe in time I will realize that love aint always what it seems to be. My name could change to big chief Berretti . Don’t you know Nat King Cole was a merry old soul,
Yesterday, my trouble seems so far away So help me Wanda, help, help, me Wanda when did the rain start beating? Hit you with the felony and a misdemeanor
hit a hundred push-ups and I got the spray Alenor…….

You bring the knowledge to my brain, sooth my pain Make me the man that I am, keep me sane……….now let me take a break like James Brown to the bridge………………

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At one point i had to do this and it’s directed to one subliminal individual that

uttered a very nasty comment towards me. I may be forgiven for always

seeming passive,but that does not mean i don’t have an opinion. To choose to

be quiet while you were yapping a lot of incoherent rhetoric was the best i

would have done given the circumstances…for a moment i did not

understand whether it was about me or you had suddenly got into a fit!

I would never wish to reminisce for a spell or shall i say think back of that

very sad day the 9th of Janvier courtesy of a beau who works in Total.

I had to do this so you never forget this, the days of way-back so many bear

witness the fitness … much soul...

noticing am so full of soul thanks to Pete Rock. The way you conduct your

way around me got me thinking of that song ‘i got cha opin‘ so here’s to the

early 90s/new school can take a long walk of a short difference.

Having said am now relieved….

Kind regards.

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